Lights… costumes… makeup!

How Up with People prepared a young alumna, Mallory Kidd (13A), for her career in the fine arts   Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA): When did you travel in Up with People and what inspired you to do so? Mallory Kidd (‘13A): I traveled in Cast A and B 2013. My aunt and … Read more

The Girl From Trier, Germany

Hi, this is Sabine from Germany. I traveled in Cast D90 and did PR in 1991-92. I would like to share with you how Up with People has had a major influence on me — even 22 years later — and how it changed my life forever. During the second half of our year, we … Read more

Alumnus Awarded First Ever LGBTQ Scholarship at Marquette University in Wisconsin

Congratulations to Matthew Serafin (‘16A), the recipient of the first ever Terrence P. Kane Scholarship, and a student at Marquette University, a Catholic, Jesuit university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You are the recipient of the first ever LGBTQ Scholarship Recipient at Marquette. Do you have any background information about this scholarship? The Terrence P. Kane Scholarship … Read more