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Talking Stick, Resort, 19-23 July, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (near Phoenix)

Congrats to Cast 1993 B, the winners of our second contest with the most new registrants from 25 February through 1 March! Cast Reps Hollie Lobosky and Danielle Gentry rallied the troops to victory!

Way to go, Cast 1973 A! You had the most registered in the first 24 hours!
And a big shout out to Cast Rep Marty Elcan for a job well done getting everyone informed and ready to go!!

Schedule | For Your Information | Frequently Asked Questions | Hotel Information

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, 18 July:
Alumni Golf Tournament (optional add-on; available 20 April through 15 June)
Tucson Day (optional add-on) including a visit to the UWP Archive at the University of Arizona

Wednesday, 19 July:
Morning Mindfulness/Yoga
Alumni Golf Tournament (optional add-on; available 20 April through 15 June)
Grand Canyon Day (optional add-on)
Sessions (i.e. from UWPIAA, UWP, Alumni Hub, and others) will be announced as soon as possible

Thursday, 20 July:
Cast K and Cast T will start in the first part of the morning
Morning Mindfulness/Yoga
Legacy Celebration (optional add-on) A brunch event honoring our rich legacy and heritage. Details will follow.
Tucson Day (optional add-on)
Sessions (i.e. from UWPIAA, UWP, Alumni Hub, and others) will be announced as soon as possible
Possible Dance Workshop
Some Awards may be presented (will be announced if over two nights)
60s-Themed Party Night

Friday, 21 July:
Morning Mindfulness/Yoga
Opening Session
Sessions (i.e. from UWPIAA, UWP, Alumni Hub, and others)

Saturday, 22 July:
Morning Mindfulness/Yoga
Optional Cast Meetings
Cast/Crew Photos

We are confirming details, but our intent is as follows:

  • Cast/Crew Photos will be available to pre-order or purchase onsite.
  • They will be printed and available for pick up before you leave AZ. (Large groups, that may mean you are early on the schedule to allow time to print.)
  • Please help get your group there on time as the schedule is made to allow everyone to have rehearsal time.
  • No photos should be taken on phones.
  • Those who wish to be in the photo need to have a badge or a day pass.

Silent Auction to benefit the UWPIAA
Era Show; doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. Please plan meals accordingly see Group Meals below!
Silent Auction closes at intermission; winners texted to pick up items after the show

Sunday, 23 July:
Departure day + optional Tucson Day add-on

Check your confirmation email for the list of contacts related to Registration, Hotel Cancellations, Gifting some/all of the fee to a friend.

For Your Information

Schedule | For Your Information | Frequently Asked Questions | Hotel Information

Alumni Life Celebration (Memorial Room)

  • There will be a room where alumni can stop and remember those we have lost.
  • There will be paper for any additions to the list that we have onsite.
  • All are invited to submit a longer memorial for their cast/crew members by entering information here.
  • An alumnus, Joel Rushworth (’92E), has generously offered to put together video tributes. Email communications@uwpiaa.org for details.


  • Are available to purchase.
  • There is not as much shade as at past venues, so be aware of that (wide brimmed hats are suggested).

Cast/Crew Meeting Rooms and Group Meals

  • The UWPIAA does not have use of the entire property during the reunion. If you would like to reserve a room for a cast/crew activity OR book a meal outside of those included in your registration for your cast/crew, please email concierge@uwpiaa.org.
  • The benefit of booking a group meal of 25+ through the IAA is that you will be receiving our special highly discounted rate.

Cast K (Kids) and T (Teens) are at capacity

  • The only additions to Casts K and T will be if someone cancels. To be notified in the event of a cancellation email reunions@uwpiaa.org.
  • Ages 7-11 and 12-17 respectively.
  • We offer fun activities for the children, the chance to learn a song and perform for all reunion attendees.
  • It is also an opportunity to connect and make new friends.
  • Casts K and T are led by alumni volunteers (more volunteers are needed).
  • Often the children go begrudgingly the first day and by Saturday they are not wanting to leave!
  • If you’re sending your children, please make sure they have a labeled water bottle with them each day!
  • Please adhere to the schedule and pick them up on time (we suggest setting an alarm)!
  • We will offer a Cast K/T info session to all registered participants in early July.

Day Passes will only be available onsite if space permits. They are not guaranteed.

  • Note: A Saturday Day Pass is mainly for Alumni who didn’t buy a full registration and want to be with their cast on Sat (vocal/dance/band rehearsals, cast pictures, cast meetings and BE in the Era Show.
    An Era Show ticket only allows attendance to see the Era perform (not participate). This ticket is best-suited for family/friends.
  • Day Pass Thursday
  • Day Pass Friday
  • Friday Evening Dinner/Awards
  • Day Pass Saturday
  • Era Show Adult
  • Era Show Child
  • Child (all ages) Registration will be the same prices throughout registration, including onsite.


  • Food and drinks can be ordered from outside and delivered to personal hotel rooms BUT CANNOT LEAVE THE ROOM PER LAW.
  • Dietary concerns? Enter them upon registration or claim your account and edit them.
  • Blue Cantina is the best location for lower-cost meals on property
  • The Black Fig Coffee Bistro is “grab-n-go”.
  • For cast/crew meals, click here.

Hotel Rooms and Reservation Cancellations

  • Our contracted hotel room dates are 18th-23rd July at the rate of $129 per night.
  • Remember to cancel by 19 June if you are sadly unable to attend to avoid a fee.
  • Room cancellations are only being handled by email to reunionhotel23@uwpiaa.org.
  • Please do not hold more than one room in your name – we really need all occupants to be listed in the appropriate rooms.
  • Please include your roommate name when you book.
  • We will be checking the registrations versus the reservation list, as we incurred large fees when many rooms dropped at the very end last year, putting us under our room block numbers. Thanks for understanding, as meeting our contracted rooms is important for keeping costs as low as possible.

Registration Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations received on or before 19th June 2023, will receive a refund less a $50 cancellation fee for each adult registration. 
  • After that day, no refunds will be issued. However, it is possible to transfer your adult registration to another person up until 17th July 2023.
  • Email treasurer@uwpiaa.org for all questions regarding cancellations and transfers.

Registration Confirmation

  • Your Reunion registration confirmation will have the subject line, ‘Your Registration Confirmation to the UWPIAA Reunion 2023″.
  • It should arrive shortly after you register and if you don’t see it, check your spam/junk/promotion folder to see if for some reason it was pulled into one of those.
  • If you CANNOT find your confirmation, go to the reunion registration page and at the very top you will see “Resend Confirmation”. Click and enter the email you used to register.

Reunion Health Policy

  • Please click here to read the current policy and check back prior to attendance, as the global situation continues to change.
  • We will update as needed.

Reunion Preparation

When packing, please bring:

  • Lanyards (indicate intent to bring when you register to help our event be more environmentally responsible)
  • 60s-themed outfit for the party Thursday
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Reusable coffee cups
  • Masks and COVID-19 test kits (Suggested.)
  • Sunscreen

Seating for Events

  • Please be kind and courteous and be aware there are attendees with mobility issues.
  • Dinner on Thursday and Friday are included in general registration and will be served at the table. We will identify groups of tables for era seating, but cannot guarantee exact numbers since there are many with families and others who traveled with more than one era. Participants in Casts K and T will have their own seating area together.

Silent Auction

  • Funds raised will benefit the UWPIAA to support our new initiatives.
  • Bidding will happen leading up to the Era Show and then close during the show and top bidders will be texted during the Era Show.
  • If you have something to donate, Brenda Moran (’77C) and Pat Berry-Glassner (’69B) are coordinating, please click their names to contact them.
  • Thanks to all our supporters in 2022, where we raised $10,000 which will be used for our new initiatives!


Suites have been released and claimed by 10 different casts/crews.

If you are interested in OTHER larger spaces at the hotel, (the “signature” and “executive kings”), then you should call the hotel for pricing and availability.


A very limited amount of commemorative Reunion 2023 T-Shirts will be sold on site for $35. We will share a preview, and are working on something special. If you know you would like one, please order ahead.


  • We are looking into shuttles and will email everyone who indicates interest on their registration as soon as possible.
  • Airport transportation is not provided by the hotel.
  • Uber and Lyft will likely be in the $30-$70 range due to surge pricing; please encourage coordination of ride sharing.

UWP Store

There will be UWP merchandise available to purchase.

Who’s Registered?

Visit the list of who will be attending here. It’s not perfect because of a few software factors we can’t control. It will improve after deposit folks are fully paid on May 1st. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule | For Your Information | Frequently Asked Questions | Hotel Information

When and where is Reunion?
Reunion will take place 19-23 July at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Phoenix is the closest international airport to the event. Please make sure you register before reserving your room so that you receive the discounted rate at the hotel.

What’s included in the price of the registration?
Adult registration includes all scheduled activities for Reunion 2023 except the Legacy Celebration and other add-on activities which will be available as an additional purchase. A complete list of scheduled activities with pricing for add-ons will be released soon. Two served dinners are included.

Cast K (“Kids” ages 7-11) and Cast T (“Teens” ages 12-17) registrations provide access to programming blocks exclusively for them, and access to the same activities as adult registration.

What are the current registration options?
We encourage you to register early as adult registration prices increase the closer to Reunion 2023 you get. For best value, please register today! (Effective dates as noted on the registration site).
● Early Bird Adult Registration $375 through 1 March (There was an option to make a $200 deposit and pay the rest May 1, 2023.)
● Regular Adult Registration $435
● On-Site Adult Registration $460
SOLD OUT: Teen – Cast T (ages 12-17) $275 Includes optional Cast T participation and T-shirt
SOLD OUT: Kids – Cast K (ages 7-11) $220 Includes optional Cast K participation and T-shirt
● Children – (ages 0-6) No charge with registered adult

ADD-ONs, starting with the Alumni Golf Tournament are becoming available to purchase beginning 20 April as well. Log into your account to add tickets if you are already registered.

How do I know if it’s my reunion year?
Your reunion year is every five-year anniversary of the year you first traveled. So, for instance, if you were in a cast that had staging in 1985, your reunion would be in years ending in a 0 or 5. The exception is for all the casts from 1965 through 1970. Their reunion is always in years ending in zero and five – even the casts from ’66, ’67, ’68 and ’69. This is because most people started at various times during the year and traveled multiple years at that time. This year, we are focusing on celebrating those alumni who traveled in a year ending in a 3 or 8.

Is there a health policy?
We are dedicated to protecting the health of everyone attending this year’s reunion. The Reunion Health Policy section above links to a pdf of our current policy. Our registration site will provide regularly updated information regarding the health policies.

Can we reserve a special room for a cast/crew or other group activity?
The UWPIAA does not have use of the entire property during Reunion 2023 and most of the resort’s function space is already in use for official reunion activities, however depending on the day/time, some space may be available. To inquire on meeting room availability, please contact us at concierge@uwpiaa.org.

What is appropriate attire for Reunion?
Phoenix/Scottsdale in July is warm, some say HOT! We suggest you bring comfortable clothing that will work both inside the hotel and poolside. A light sweater or shawl may be helpful for the transition from outdoor heat to air conditioning.

There will be a 60s-themed dance party, so bring your best 60s outfit, and if you’d like to participate in morning yoga, bring clothing for that. Talking Stick Resort has some great pools so be sure to bring your swimsuit. They do not offer as much shade as other places we have been so pack accordingly. Attire is very casual for most programs and sessions. Awards evenings will see many dressing up a bit more (think VIP travel day attire or show night in a city you helped set up). On Saturday, we anticipate Era Show rehearsals, so think back to what you wore on show days during rehearsal. There will be no quick change area, so Saturday evening those in the Era Show should wear what they plan to perform in onstage.

What are the transportation options from the airport to Talking Stick Resort?
We will have a shuttle service from and to Sky Harbor International Airport. Select “Yes” in response to the related question when you register to sign up with your flight information when we have more information to share.

Uber and Lyft are the most direct methods of transportation if you are not renting a car. 16.2 miles, 19-minute travel time, Fare varies based on surge pricing but can range from $30 to $70.

From Sky Harbor International Airport: Take the 202 East to merge onto the 101 N. Exit at Talking Stick Way/Indian Bend and turn right.
From other areas

How will you conduct the Era Show?
We are excited to be working with Eric Lentz (‘86E) and Paul Morel (‘89C) who have been involved with the production portion of most of the past reunions. They will work to create incredible moments for all alumni in attendance to enjoy, and we’ll share what we can about the plans as they take shape.

Are there always extra tickets available for the Era Show?
Not always. We first must make sure we have space for all registered reunion attendees. If there is space, it might be standing room only, and it will be announced onsite.

What if someone does not want to participate in all the scheduled activities of the reunion? Are there other registration options? Are there day passes available?
There is the potential of day passes based on the following criteria. Day passes are only available for purchase 19-22 July, at the UWPIAA concierge/information desk at Talking Stick Resort. No advance purchase is available. If the day or activity is sold out based on the sale of full registrations, then day passes for that day/activity will not be available.

Should I bring my children to Reunion? What programming is offered specifically for youth?
It’s totally up to you! We’ve seen this to be an incredible opportunity for children to learn more about what their parents (even their grandparents!) participated in during their time in Up with People. Of course, we’ve also seen reunion act as an excellent break from the responsibilities associated with raising the next generation! It’s often nice to have your children present and meeting the children of many of your friends from traveling. There will be add-on activities available for purchase ahead of the event as well.

I have a mature six-year-old. Why can’t he/she be in Cast K?
We have established seven years old as the minimum age and it would not be fair to make exceptions, either to the other children participating or to the people who generously volunteer their time to run Cast K.

How do I sign my child up to participate in Cast K or Cast T?
Cast K and Cast T are sold out. Please email reunions@uwpiaa.org to be notified if a cancellation spot becomes available.

Upon arrival to the resort, there will be a Cast K and Cast T check in table where your child will receive their participation information.

Talking Stick Resort

Schedule | For Your Information | Frequently Asked Questions | Hotel Information

UWPIAA is welcomed to Talking Stick Resort, a luxurious Four-Diamond Scottsdale resort, where fun is limited only by your imagination. Play in style in their 240,000 square foot casino, if you choose, one of the largest in Arizona. Savor the flavors and take in the panoramic views from the award winning Orange Sky Restaurant. Check out Vegas-style entertainment and local favorites as they take the stage in the Showroom. Test your skills at our Alumni Golf Classic on 36-holes of championship golf at Talking Stick Golf Club, one of the most scenic and challenging golf courses in Scottsdale. Then when it’s time to relax, head up to The Spa at Talking Stick and enjoy a relaxing spa treatment overlooking incredible views of the Valley.

Talking Stick Resort was a new venue to us in 2022 and we learned a lot and they learned about us as well!
We are on native lands at this resort, and security is tighter than other hotels we are familiar with since it is a casino.

The hotel requests no more than 18 in a suite.

The UWPIAA hotel reservation link is available in your confirmation email after registration for the UWPIAA Reunion.

There will be Suite upgrade availability in January. Claim your registration account to be able to add a suite upgrade when they are available, and refer to the information in the FYI section above.

Talking Stick Resort contains a casino. You will have to walk through the casino to check into the hotel and get to your guest room. However, once you are in the guest room tower of the resort, there is a direct pathway to the conference and event area where all the reunion functions will occur. Therefore, you only must go into the casino if you want to use the gaming facilities or to take advantage of several hotel restaurants that are accessed through that space.

Currently, Talking Stick Resort is “non-smoking” throughout the property, including the Casino.

Dining at Talking Stick Resort
The culinary experts at Talking Stick Resort have created six unique restaurants for you to enjoy throughout the hotel and resort and multiple unique bars serving up artisan cocktails and local beers. Whether the mood calls for one of Scottsdale’s best fine dining experiences, bold flavors with stunning mountain and city views, oysters on the half shell in a modern seafood bar or just
a quick snack near the casino action, the restaurants at Talking Stick Resort have a dining experience to fit your taste.

For group bookings and discounts email concierge@uwpiaa.org.

Lively libations. Bold flavors. Stunning views. Tash – find your vibe.
The height of culinary excellence. The award winning, Orange Sky.
A taste of New Orleans with fresh seafood prepared creole style. (Does not take bookings.)
Modern southwestern cuisine with an extensive tequila menu.
An eclectic mix of American and sushi. Open 24/7.
Casual take out for guests on the go. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Enjoy live music, handcrafted cocktails and local beers.
Watch your favorite teams while you try your luck on bar-top games!
Artisan cocktails, local beers and hot slots in the heart of all the action.
*Have dine-in group seating.

The Spa at Talking Stick is a luxurious open-air space located on the 14th floor of Talking Stick Resort. Voted one of the 10 best spas in Scottsdale by USA Today, it features private rooms with unparalleled views of the Valley. Experience relaxation elevated and treat your mind, body, and spirit with therapeutic and beautifying treatments at a premier Arizona spa.

True to the heritage and traditions of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, they offer treatments inspired by products made with culturally significant ingredients.

Scottsdale Fashion Square
7414 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 582
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

• Air Canada 888-247-2262
• America West 800-235-9292
• American Airlines 800-433-7300
• British Airways 800-247-9297
• Delta Airlines 800-221-1212
• Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359
• KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 800-374-7747
• Lufthansa 800-645-3880
• Northwest Airlines 800-225-2525
• Southwest Airlines 800-435-9792
• Spirit Airlines 800-772-7117
• United Airlines 800-241-6522
• US Airways 800-428-4322

47 thoughts on “UWPIAA Reunion Information”

    • Details on suite release is in the info above. There will be two releases at the times listed with 5 available each time. We did start a list of those who are suuuper interested and I will add you to that list so we know to be on the lookout for your cast/crew securing a suite. I’ll probably send a reminder to that group in addition to the general ones.

        • Yes, I’ll add your cast! An email with detailed info to “claim” your registration account went out last night to those we knew were interested and all Cast/Crew Reps for those with years ending in 3s and 8s on file. Your two reps should have received it. I will reach out to verify this is the case. Info on how anyone can claim their account is now one of the dropdown options on the main page navigation (under “Reunion”).

    • The contracted rate is $129 per night. It appears on the registration page, but I see we did not include it here. I will add it to the “Hotel Rooms and Cancellations” section. The booking link will be sent to you after you register. Hope to see you this summer!

    • Per our contract the resort fees are waived. The language when you reserve your room will imply that the fees will be charged. They apparently cannot customize the language for that space. We are following up with the hotel to make sure our guests are not charged these extra fees.

  1. So I am interested in a suite. Do we just call the resort at the times that they are being released? There isn’t any info on how you register for one. Thanks.

    • If you are interested in a suite upgrade, there is information above in the section labeled “Suites”. All cast and crew reps on file for cast years ending in 3 or 8 have received detailed information about the release of the ten available suite upgrades. It has been posted in the FB event that was created as well. I will reread what we have written and edit if I feel I can clarify. I will forward you the detailed email as well.

    • Spouses and partners are welcome to attend. If they want to participate in all the scheduled events (top of the page), they will need an Adult Registration. We expect to be able to offer Day Passes (see that section above) if, for example, they only wanted to attend the Era Show.

    • Hello George, Greetings from Ireland!
      Hope this covers your question:
      What’s included in the price of the registration?
      Adult registration includes all scheduled activities for Reunion 2023 except the Legacy Celebration and other add-on activities which will be available as an additional purchase. A complete list of scheduled activities with pricing for add-ons will be released soon. Two served dinners are included.

      Cast K (“Kids” ages 7-11) and Cast T (“Teens” ages 12-17) registrations provide access to programming blocks exclusively for them, and access to the same activities as adult registration.

      As we are a 100% volunteer team delivering reunion our costs are – venue and facilities, meals, production and staging of the event at the resort.

  2. I am disappointed that the reunion rate does not apply to the night of the 23rd. Last year when I drove home from Phoenix to SoCal, the weekend traffic was bad coming into the SoCal area. This year I decided to return on Monday. Also in past years, particularly when I was on the board, many of us stayed over on Sunday just to veg out and have some debriefing time.

    • The dates visible to book are those that were contracted with the hotel. They hotel has been very good about honoring requests for “shoulder nights” when they have space available, and since it is not their high season, they are as accommodating as possible. Once you’ve booked the dates you are able to book, we suggest calling the hotel with your booking reference number and requesting the additional nights.

  3. Just wondering if/when there will be an announcement about availability and cost of one-day passes for Saturday?

    Thank you.

  4. There is a box for ‘COUPON CODE’. Does anyone know if there is a discount available for some registrants (i.e. adult cast kids who are not participating in Cast T but are not really ‘adults’?) Just wondering before I complete the registration. TIA!

    • There are no coupon codes available at this time. If an adult child of an alum would like to participate in all reunion events, they should register (before early bird ends for biggest savings). There will likely be day passes available if they are only wanting to join for a specific date.

  5. I’m excited to be registered! I’m confused about the hotel as it only showed availability 7/19-7/23. I was hoping to check-in on 7/16 and out on 7/24. Please advise. Thanks!

    • Hi Keith! Book what the site allows (those are our contracted dates). Then, with your confirmation number (which is in the email the hotel sends you), call the hotel and ask to extend your stay for the additional dates. Since it is not high season for them, we have found the hotel has been accommodating of such requests, but that request has to go directly to them (only after you book an initial reservation on the site so they know you are part of our group).

  6. Registration seems to be down. I’ve tried on 3 different browsers, but get this message:
    This site can’t be reachedThe connection was reset.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

  7. I figured out the problem. The anti-virus software (Avast) on my work computer was blocking the registration site. I was able to register on my phone.

  8. Hi

    Is there a list of those who have registered already on the site somewhere? My husband traveled ’67 – ’74 different casts.
    We wondering who is registered. Thank you!

    • Yes. I’ve now added a button on this page near the top as others have had trouble finding it as well.
      It’s also listed with a link under the “FYI” section on this page (look alphabetically, there’s a “Who’s Registered”). It’s in the main page navigation, under “Reunion” –it’s one of the choices. If you’re navigating on a phone, it’s a “hamburger menu” (click on the stack of lines to see the choices). Also, if you are looking at the list on a phone, you’ll want to turn it to view “landscape” or keep scrolling to the side to see the cast letter. And, it’s on the registration page itself.

  9. Hi, where can I contact someone from the organisation? I have a question to register Cast K. My two kids want to come but I can only register one?

  10. My 15-year-old wants to do Cast T but it says it’s sold out. I never realized it would sell out even before March 1. Is there a wait list? Can I put him on it?

  11. Why does the tentative schedule start on the 18th but when you go to register for a room it starts on the 19th?

    • The contract with the hotel was signed over four years ago, before we knew we would be wanting to try offering new and additional activities during reunion. They can only post the contracted dates on the page. However, if you book the dates that you are able to online and receive a confirmation number, (which is in the email the hotel sends you), we suggest you call the hotel and ask to extend your stay for the additional dates. Since it is not high season for them, we have found the hotel has been accommodating of such requests, but that request has to go directly to them (and only after you book an initial reservation on the site so they know you are part of our group).

  12. Is the 19th the only day the Grand Canyon add on will be available and can family also go? What is the ball park pricing per person? Knowing this sooner than later will help determine whether we come in a day earlier and reschedule our existing hotel and flight bookings.

    • Yes, Wednesday of reunion week is the one planned for the Grand Canyon outing. The bus companies have been S-L-O-W to respond. There will be a box lunch from the hotel included in the price. Each registered alum will be able to add up to four adults and four youth tickets. Our Reunion Chair is having a look at all the data in the next few days. We do hope to have a final amount next week at the latest.

  13. I’m interested in registering for the Legacy Celebration (optional add-on) event honoring UWP’s rich legacy and heritage. It does not appear in my list of options in the “add-on” section of my account registration. Please advise.

    • We’ve not been able to post it yet as we determine and have final pricing approved. We expect that it can be posted before this time next week. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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