“Up with People Pride Day” unites alumni across the world, sparks conversation

Photos gathered from the IAA Facebook group, all shared by alumni on 31 August 2018

Just a few weeks ago, Barry Marlow (83C) posted a message to the UWPIAA Facebook group, reminding us all that “a troubled world needs hope.” He encouraged all alumni to wear their UWP gear, whether a t-shirt or hat, sweatshirt or lapel pin, and spread the word about Up with People in their home communities.

His post received over 400 likes and led alumni all over the world to represent UWP and share their photos of how they celebrated the first Up with People Pride Day. Barry saw such a positive reaction, he decided to make it an event on the last Friday of each month.

Barry said, “In my workplace, it’s common for us to wear our university school colors to work on Fridays and I thought this would work great for UWP too. Scrolling through the photos everyone was posting made me feel a stronger sense of community with alumni around the world—as the day went on, I couldn’t wait to see what the next person was going to post. I’m excited for September’s Pride Day already!”

After attending reunion in July, he felt reenergized and ready to bring a piece of UWP back to his home community. He added, “UWP alumni have a shared experience that is unlike any other I’ve found. Reunions are a chance to reconnect and rekindle old friendships; I never miss the chance to step inside the bubble again and refill my heart.”

Check out the Facebook group to see more alumni photos,
and join the event page to be reminded for September’s UWP Pride Day!

For those who have maybe misplaced or given away some of their UWP shirts, visit the UWP online store to purchase more. Jenn Gifford (00C) from the UWP Office wrote that we can expect to see new merchandise on the online store in the coming weeks.

Up with People Online Store

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  1. I tried to access the UWP online store, but found that there wasn’t a page for it. Is it gone for good or just on a new URL?


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