Nick Hinton (18A) reflects on his UWP experience

I was so excited to begin a new experience with Up with People after hearing so many good things about the program. However, even having heard stories from my aunt Julie Pang Mosely (87C) and seeing the B16 show in Sacramento, I was not prepared for my own UWP experience! It was amazing—from simply meeting … Read more

Reunion 2018 Round-Up

Last month’s Reunion 2018 at the J.W. Marriott Starr Pass resort in Tucson, AZ was (as always) a spectacular event—but this year was something special. Not only was it the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Up with People (1968), but it was also the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Up with People … Read more

Betty Belk surprised by inaugural award named in her honor at Reunion 2018

Dale Penny (Up with People CEO) and Phil Worcester (IAA President) presented Betty Belk with the inaugural Betty Belk Award of Distinction for her inspiration, guidance and unceasing devotion to the Up with People organization for the past 53 years. Dale joked that one of her many achievements was “whispering in Blanton’s ear so that he could … Read more

2018 UWPIAA Alumni Award Winners Announced

2018 J. Blanton Belk Outstanding Alumnus – Darrel LeJeune Darrel LeJeune will be recognized as the 2018 J. Blanton Belk Outstanding Alumnus at this year’s Reunion.  After traveling with Cast A 1983, Darrel took to heart the spirit of Up with People by returning to his hometown of Basile, Louisiana, and, through his work as … Read more

How would you Reach Out?

UWP Alumni Helping UWP Alumni Times changed from when you traveled. We are so fortunate for our time together on the road. Now years later, many of our cast mates and friends have fallen on hard times.  The full reality of life after the road sets in—jobs disappear, housing becomes critical, difficult medical issues come … Read more

World ONIGIRI Friends Project brings alumni together to tour Japan

This summer, about 15 Up with People alumni will gather for the second World ONIGIRI Friends Project tour through Japan. From 12-26 July, participants will engage communities in volunteer work, the performing arts and even host family living. This opportunity allows all in the group the chance to communicate with each other beyond language: the … Read more

And the answer is… UWP Jeopardy – A Challenge of the Eras

    On Thursday evening of Reunion 2018, the UWPIAA will host UWP Jeopardy – A Challenge of the Eras. This will be a fun and faced-paced game show set on stage using the technology of the TV show including working player kiosks, a full interactive Jeopardy board, Audio Daily Doubles and (of course) Final … Read more

The Dream of ‘A Common Beat’

Think of Japan and some of the images that immediately spring to mind are the Sensoji Temple, the Imperial Palace and Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya district.  But during a recent visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, Ken Ashby and I discovered something deep in the hearts of over 5,000 alumni there — A Common … Read more


Any paid adult registration made between 12:01AM and 11:59 PM eastern US time, Saturday, will be eligible to win.  Selection will be random and based on a minimum participation of 5 paid adult registrations.  The $100 credit voucher (one to be awarded) will be provided upon arrival to the reunion.  The credit voucher is non-transferable and … Read more