Different and the Same: My Reflection on UWP Reunion

Hmm…my first reunion (our 25th, in 2009)…I was TERRIFIED to go! Honestly, I’ve created a business that requires me to be present and focused seven days a week and I don’t take time for me…I don’t take time to meet friends for coffee, drinks…nothing. (It’s NOT a good business model, by the way!) I was terrified…there was someone who … Read more

Celebrating the Heart of Mexico: Mexican Tour 2019

Cast A 2019’s tour to México will be focused on the center of the country. We have so many celebrations and special events lined up to make this tour of México a memorable one! First, we will visit Celaya, Guanajuato, México; our first visit in more than 25 years! Our return to the “cajeta” (candy) … Read more

Lights… costumes… makeup!

How Up with People prepared a young alumna, Mallory Kidd (13A), for her career in the fine arts   Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA): When did you travel in Up with People and what inspired you to do so? Mallory Kidd (‘13A): I traveled in Cast A and B 2013. My aunt and … Read more

Saga and the Sword

Type “Saga” and  “Sword” into google and it will return you about 43 million results in less than one second. Saga Vanecek is the 9-year-old girl who pulled a 1,500 year old, pre-Viking sword out of a lake in Sweden last summer and captured international media attention for weeks.  She is also the daughter of … Read more

Lessons learned long ago—but still useful

The time we spent in Up with People influenced each of us, but does Up with People still play a role for us today? This is the leading question of this series of interviews that will be published in the German alumni magazine “eXtraplatt.” This is the first interview of the series and has been … Read more

Reunion 2020: where will it be?

As a result of the great reunion conversations with alumni in Tucson during reunion 2018, the IAA has sent out their request for proposal (RFP) to US cities in search of a reunion hotel for 2020 and onwards.  At this time, a location other than the US does not fit the requirements of our reunion … Read more

Up with People Alumni Day in Canada unites alumni across the country

Up with People (UWP) has always been Canadian. Many past tours were highlighted by their time spent here. Canadian alumni have a strong base, numbering 1,100. However, 18 years ago UWP as a Canadian organization was lost. So, where and how do you start 18 years later when all that changes? You celebrate from coast, … Read more

Meet Cherrelyn Napue (83C), new UWP director of alumni engagement

The UWPIAA is excited to welcome Cherrelyn Napue (‘83C) back to Up with People as the new Director of Alumni Engagement. This is her third time working for the organization. Following her cast year, she traveled on the road staff for two years as an Admissions Coordinator. When Up with People moved to her hometown … Read more

ONIGIRI Project 2018 a success; participants describe “impactful” experience

World ONIGIRI Friends Project Overview This project was created to be a “Japan experience tour” for Up with People alumni. The first World ONIGIRI Friends Project, or “ONIGIRI Project” was last summer, in 2017. There are several activities, similar to UWP, such as staying at host families, show performances, school visits, Japanese cultural experiences, extracurricular studies, and more. … Read more

Nkululeko Shelembe (13B) mentors youth in Johannesburg after UWP

Often, when I see an update from NK on Facebook, it involves him giving tours of his country to individuals from around the world. His pride in South Africa shines throughout social media as he provides an intimate view of a country many of us dream to visit. I met NK – Nkululeko Shelembe (‘13B) … Read more